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2014 House

House Approves Resolutions 

Actions of the 2014 House of Delegates included:

Practice as a Profession: Adoption of a resolution, "Right to Practice and Interact as a Profession," which noted state provisions for dental hygiene practice and calling for DHASNY to "encourage policymakers, health and human service professionals, stakeholders, oral health educators – both dental and dental hygiene - and the public to work to establish a plan with the goal of improved oral health status by way of prevention and basic dental hygiene therapeutic services." Read more

- Public Health: Adoption of a resolution directing the Board of Directors to establish a task force to explore the creation of a DHASNY Public Health Section, which, among initiatives, would develop educational resources and programs and advance public policy for oral healthcare. Read more

 - Elections: Elected officers and delegates to the ADHA who will take office January 1, 2015. Read more


2015 Empire Conference

Save the date for the 2015 Empire Conference: November 6-8 in Saratoga Springs.


 Infection Control Resources and One and Only Campaign

CDC resources on Ebola information for healthcare workers; ADHA statement on Ebola.

DHASNY is working with the New York State program of the One and Only professional and public information campaign to increase information about safe injection practices, including dental procedures. Resources are available from the CDC and NYS programs.


 What's New: Research, Reports

In Maintaining and Improving the Oral Health of Young Children, the American Academy of Pediatrics cites the importance of pediatricians encouraging parents to ensure that their children have a dental home by age one. (November online issue of Pediatrics)

The national Children's Dental Health Project has issued Policy Options for Reducing Early Childhood Tooth Decay: Lessons from a New York State Simulation Model, showing the positive effects of risk-based and complementary strategies. (Fall)
















Public Policy & the Profession

New Laws and Regulations

School Readiness Certificates: With DHASNY support, the NYS Education Law now includes dental hygienists as professionals permitted  to assess  and complete school  readiness certificates.  Read more


Collaborative Practice - Article 28 Facilities: A law, with regulations, effective January 1, 2015, will enable a dental hygienist working in Article 28 facilities under NYS Public Health Law to have collaborative arrangements with a dentist who has a formal relationship with that facility. On December 15, 2014, the New York State Board of Regents adopted the regulations relating to this new law.  Read more  


Flu Requirements in NYS

Acting NYS Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker has declared influenza prevalent in New York State, as of December 11, 2014. With this declaration, health care workers in certain facilities and agencies who are not vaccinated against influenza must now wear masks in areas where patients are typically present. Read more



Children's Dental Health & DHASNY Team Up on Tobacco Education 

DHASNY has teamed up with The Washington DC-based nonprofit Children's Dental Health Project, in working with the Centers for Disease Control to raise awareness of tobacco's impact on oral health. A web portal of resources for dental professionals is "live" on CDC's site. We will share additional resources through this collaboration. See the site and read more.


Patricia Giangreco Michele Rase

Past and Present - DHASNY's 1962-63 President, Patricia Giangreco was recognized by 2014 President Michele Rase at the 2014 Empire Conference in Rochester. "Modern Trends in Education and Licensure" was a topic at the 1962 conference, the first national board exam had just been introduced; and the first rechargeable and cordless electric toothbrush had just come on the market. Speakers at our 2014 conference reported much progress in the past half-century - and in past year - to advance the practice of the profession and care to patients. 




facebook brochures

For Public Education: Factsheets Help You Maintain Good Oral Health

DHASNY produces a series of consumer-oriented factsheets that help people focus on maintaining good oral health. You can download these helpful factsheets here.

Does Your Child Have a Dental Home?

DHASNY recommends that children have a "dental home" by age one. Check out our educational campaign and resources of keeping young children oral healthy.

Charting Career Paths

Catch DHASNY members on Youtube videos talking
about their different dental hygiene career choices.


President's Perspective: 'Back to the Future' for Dental Hygienists

We are “Back to the Future”!  Thank you to all who attended the 94th Empire Conference and Annual Session in Rochester on October 7-9th. If you were in attendance, you were able hear firsthand the challenges that New York State dental hygienists face, our successes, and what the future may look like! 

For those who were unable to attend, hopefully I have your attention.  With the passage of the Collaborative Practice Bill, DHASNY is positioning our members to enter the next century of the dental hygiene profession.  Our future lies with returning to our roots as community dental hygienists. It is time to embrace change and move forward.

From our panel discussion to legislative luncheon which paved the way for our new initiatives, along with the continuing education classes, current and informative, to our fun ZUMBA Party and “Back to the Future” President’s Reception, the conference was a great success!  Thank you to my home component Rochester 7DDHA for hosting and our conference committee for all their hard work to make the 94th Empire Conference the highest attendance in our recent history! We are DHASNY STRONG!

See you in Saratoga in 2015!

Yours in oral health - Michele