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DHASNY Board of Directors and Delegates to ADHA

DHASNY leadershipPresident - Ashley Grill, MPH, RDH

President-Elect - Donna DiGioia, MPH, RDH

VP, Member Services - Michele Rase, BS, CDA, RDH

VP Governmental Affairs and Public Policy - Robin Grasso, RDH

VP Professional Development - Anna Matthews, MS, RDH

Treasurer - Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH

Secretary - Cailin Brigman, RDH

Immediate Past President - Donna Hickey, RDH

Director at Large - Karen Palleschi, MS, RDH



New York City-NYC – Joyce Dais, MPH, MS Ed, RDH

Westchester-WST - Danielle Murphy, RDH

Central NY-CNY- Doris Stockton, BT, RDH

Rochester-ROC/FL - Wendy Nupp, RDH

Buffalo-BUF - Valeria Garlock, RDH

Mid-Hudson - Tracey Jones, RDH

Long Island-LI – Jean Hall, MPH, RDH



We thank our past presidents for their leadership



Michele Rase, BS, CDA, RDH (Head Delegate)

Donna DiGioia, MPH, RDH

Ashley Grill, MPH, RDH

Donna Hickey, RDH

Wendy Nupp, RDH

Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH (First Alternate)

Kathleen Malico, RDH (Second Alternate)



Beth Krueger, Executive Director



Awards - Donna Hickey, RDH

Board of Directors' Actions - Cailin Brigman, RDH

Charters and Mergers - Donna Hickey, RDH

Course Approval - Marianne Belles, MS, RDH

Early Childhood Oral Health - Lorraine Carhart, RDH, and Wendy Nupp, RDH

Ethics - Michele Rase, BS, CDA, RDH

Governmental Affairs and Public Policy - Robin Grasso, RDH

House of Delegates' Actions - Cailin Brigman, RDH

Infrastrusture - Donna DiGioia, MPH, RDH

Member Services - Michele Rase, BS, CDA, RDH

Nominating - Donna Hickey, RDH

Student Delegate Selection - Michele Rase, BS, CDA, RDH

Technology - Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH

Ways and Means - Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH



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